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DGaaE is the largest Middle-European entomological society with some 800 members and official publication organs. It bestows several prizes and hosts the German Entomological Congress every two years - the most important event for German-speaking entomologists. Our members work for the leading scientific insitutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and trhoughout the world, publish in peer-reviewed journals and mass-medai and are valued as experts on various occasions.

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Insect of the year 2024:
The Minotaur Beetle

Since the "Insect of the Year" board of trustees was established in 1999, this commission selects each year an insect species that should enjoy greater fame because of its special importance for the ecosystem, its rarity or its aesthetic value.

Basis of our scientific work: The DGaaE study groups

There is a good dozen of study groups within the DGaaE that unite professional scientists and passionate laypersons, in order to research together on different topics of entomology. The study groups meet more often than the complete society (that meets every two years), the participants know each other better and cooperate more tightly.
A significant part of the research that is carried out by members of the DGaaE takes place here.

Please note: The descriptions of the working groups are currently only available in german language.

Interviews with entomologists

Running across spring meadows with butterfly nets ...?

Insects are the most species-rich class of arthropods and also the most species-rich class of animals in general. They are the oldest land animals and the first colonisers of the air.

Many people have rather vague ideas about the work of entomologists, which often have something to do with butterfly nets and showcases - the reality is of course more complex.