Sections and Keynote Speakers

1. Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation

The Balancing Act of Urban Conservation: Can vacant land support biodiversity and ecosystem services in cities?
Mary Gardiner (Ohio, USA)

2. Chemical Ecology and Behavior

Generating knowledge: The importance of experiment design for chemical ecologists
Stephen Lapointe (Florida, USA)

Invasive species - a target for sustainability through chemical ecology
Max Suckling (Auckland, NEW ZEALAND)

3. Biodiversity Decline and Loss of Insects

Long-term changes in invertebrate biodiversity
Nick Isaac (Wallingford, UK)

The insect decline and the necessity for biodiversity monitoring
Wolfgang Wägele (Bonn, GERMANY)

4. Entomology of Plant and Stored Product Protection

Aphid vectors of potato viruses and their management in a changing environment
Kerstin Kruger (Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA)

Sex pheromone and information transfer
Ally Harari (Volcani Center, ISRAEL)

5. Biogeography and Faunistics

Entomofaunistik in Deutschland - Erreichtes, Verbesserungswürdiges und Visionen
Bernhard Klausnitzer (Dresden, GERMANY)

6. Morphology, Systematics, Evolution

Genomic patterns of diversification in tropical butterflies
Chris D. Jiggins (Cambridge, UK)

Functional morphology of insect attachment devices
Stanislav N. Gorb (Kiel, GERMANY)

7. Insect-Microorganism Interactions

Two is company, three is not always a crowd – stable inheritance of multiple insect endosymbiont lineages with diverse host outcomes
Markus Riegler (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

Insect microbiomes as biomedical model and target for insect pest control
Angela Douglas (Cornell, USA)

8. Medical Entomology

Aktuelle Situation für Stechmücken (Diptera: Culicidae) in Deutschland – ein Update
Doreen Werner (Müncheberg, GERMANY)

9. Invasive Arthropods

What makes invasive species invasive?
Michael Schmitt (Greifswald, GERMANY)

10. Insect-Plant Interactions

Insects, plants and the smell of microbes
Paul Becher (Alnarp, SWEDEN)

Plant response to stress: Can this be exploited for crop protection?
Angharad Gatehouse (New Castle, UK)

11. Systematics and Identification

From fossils to gene evolution, the importance of broad training in systematic biology
Seth Bybee (Utah, USA)

12. Forest Entomology

Waldentomologie - eine echte Herausforderung
Michael Müller (Dresden, GERMANY)

13. Amber Workshop

New data on Burmese amber biotas
Bo Wang (Nanjing, CHINA)

14. Free Topics


15. Workshop: Practical Entomology, Museum Entomology