Study Group "Paleoentomology"

The idea of creating a working group for palaeoentomology was born in a small discussion group on the occasion of the Entomologists' Conference in Basel 1999. Thematically, the fossil insects of amber were the main focus. From then onwards, an Amber Workshop was held at the entomologist conferences of the DGaaE.

Initially, in addition to the lectures, interesting Baltic Amber Inclusions were exhibited and practical preparation and determination aids were provided. Today, the Amber Workshop focuses on lectures covering the broad spectrum of fossil insects from different amber deposits and geological periods. With always 30–40 participants present, 6–12 lectures were given in each of these workshops.

A fossil caddis fly (Trichoptera; Polycentropodidae) in amber. © Wilfried Wichard

The growing interest in palaeontology for palaeoentomology led to the appointment of Prof. Dr Jes Rust to Bonn for another paleoentomological meeting at the Steinmann Institute for Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology at the University of Bonn. The first Bonner meeting of palaeoentomologists took place in 2004. With an average of 15 lectures and also 30–40 participants, the annual Bonn Meeting is a successful supplement to the Amber Workshop of the DGaaE Entomologists' Meetings. The Bonn Palaeoentomologists Meeting goes beyond the amber research of the Amber Workshop and covers all aspects of fossil arthropod research.

A fossil stonefly (Plecoptera; Leuctridae) in amber. © Wilfried Wichard