Study Group "Medical arachno-entomology"

Origin of the working group

The working group originated from an initiative of the arachno-entomologists and parasitologists of the Parasitological Society in the GDR: A section Aracho-Entomology, later section Arachno-Entomology and Vector Science was constituted in May 1962, headed by Lothar Britz from 1962–65, Hubert Schumann from 1965–79 and Peter Müller from 1979–90. Hubert Schumann headed the Diptera working group from 1963–90, Peter Müller headed the Pesticides and Repellents working group (later: Study Group on Pesticides and Control Methods) from 1963–79, Friedrich Coch from 1979–90, and Regine Ribbeck headed the Acarina working group (later: Working Group on Ectoparasites) from 1968-90. After the reunification, the working group was revived at the initiative of Regine Ribbeck and Walter Maier: the first meeting – now as an event of the DGP and DGaaE – took place in Bonn in 1993. After Walter Maier retired, Günter Schaub took over the chairmanship of the working group. Currently Reiner Pospischil is the chairman of the working group.

Contents and activities

The working group focuses on the arthropods which are important in human and veterinary medicine. In their role as pathogens (ectoparasites) and disease vectors (vectors and germ carriers) they are naturally of particular interest to parasitologists and physicians. Biology, taxonomy and ecology on the other hand are also of interest to entomologists. The meeting of members of the two parent societies DGP (German Society for Parasitology) and DGaaE (German Society for General and Applied Entomology) enables an interdisciplinary exchange.

The meetings consist of a practical part in the afternoon of the first day, mostly determination exercises. For this day the number of participants is limited, depending on the available facilities. In the morning of the second day lectures are held. The number of participants is unlimited. If sufficient time is available, the meeting will end with an afternoon excursion.

The meetings are organized on site and are arranged according to their presentation. The organisers will be agreed upon at the meetings of the SG. Since 1993 the organisers have been Walter Maier and Günter Madel in Bonn in 1993, Regine Ribbeck and Ronald Schmäschke in Leipzig in 1994, Brigitte Frank in Stuttgart-Hohenheim in 1995, Günter Schaub and Reiner Pospischil in Cologne and Monheim in 1997, Norbert Becker and Walter Maier in Waldsee and Heidelberg in 1998, Ronald Schmäschke in Leipzig in 1999, Birgit Habedank in Berlin in 2000, Helge Kampen in Bonn in 2001, Reiner Pospischil and Günter Schaub in Bochum in 2002.

The meetings are held once a year, usually in September or October.