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About Prof. Dr Bernhard Klausnitzer

Prof. Dr sc. nat. Dr h. c. Bernhard Klausnitzer was born in Bautzen in 1939, studied biology at the University of Jena (1958–1959) and at the Technical University of Dresden (1961–1966; graduated with a degree in biology). From 1966–1977, he was a scientific assistant, later senior assistant at the Institute of Zoology, later the Biology Department of the Faculty of Forestry in Tharandt (TU Dresden). He received his doctorate in 1969 (Dr rer. nat.), the doctorate to Dr sc. nat. was completed in 1974. In 1977 he was appointed as a full university lecturer at the University of Leipzig and in 1983 as a full university professor for ecology and zootaxonomy at the same university, where he worked until 1991. In 1992 he founded an independent Institute for Ecology and Entomology in Dresden.

His main research interest is in the Coleoptera,  especially the Coccinellidae (biology, ecology, applied aspects) and the Scirtidae (phylogeny, systematics, animal geography), but also various aquatic and xylobiont families (biology, ecology, faunistics, bioindication). A major focus is the study of Coleoptera larvae. He has published seven books on this topic. Another field of work is urban ecology, especially zoological aspects, the results of which have been summarized in four independent books and several chapters in relevant textbooks. Klausnitzer is a member – partly honorary member – of several entomological, zoological and ecological societies in Germany and abroad, e.g. honorary member of the German Society for General and Applied Entomology and since 1994 chairman of the Entomofaunistic Society. In this capacity he is responsible for the publication of the "Entomofauna Germanica", which was published as a complete work with six volumes, now partly available in a second edition. His efforts are also aimed at promoting faunistics and taxonomy and supporting recreational entomologists. Klausnitzer is editor-in-chief of the journal "Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte", editor of the "Entomologische Blätter für Biologie und Systematik der Käfer" and member of the editorial board of various entomological journals in Germany and abroad. He is also editor of the "Exkursionsfauna von Deutschland", of which Volume 1 (Invertebrates other than insects) and Volume 2 (Insecta) are available in a new edition, as well as of the work "Die Käfer Mitteleuropas", founded by Freude, Harde & Lohse.