Entomologist conference

The entomologist conferences take place in odd years at changing locations. There, not only scientists from research institutions in Germany and abroad, but also amateur entomologists and the working groups of the DGaaE present their results. The conferences last one week and the lectures are usually held in four parallel sessions. The official conference languages are German and English. The last conference was held from 20–23 February in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy).

Entomologists' Conference 2019: Review

The venue of the Entomologists' Conference 2019 was the university city of Halle (Saale) from 11 to 14 March 2019. In the historic buildings of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg – Melanchthonianum and Lion's House – more than 300 entomologists from 14 nations met to exchange current research results, methodological innovations and strategies for coping with future challenges.

Altogether 144 lectures and over 80 posters from different entomological disciplines were presented. A special focus was the current debate on "insect mortality". This topic was discussed in a separate section ("Biodiversity Decline and Loss of Insects"), which lasted for two days. Here, the interest of the numerous local media (newspapers, radio stations, television and social media) was particularly great.

Highlights of the conference were the opening lecture by the well-known ant researcher Prof. Dr Bert Hölldobler (USA) on the topic "The Superorganism: Communication, Cooperation and Conflict in Ant Societies", the public evening lecture by Prof. Dr Urs Wyss (University of Kiel), who presented and commented on impressive macrofilm recordings on the topic "Mysterious Microcosm in the Linden Tree", and the social evening in the time-honoured Steintor-Varieté with live music and excellent food.

The DGaaE would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizers, speakers and sponsors who made the conference possible and hopes that all participants could benefit from the contributions, debates and discussions. Many thanks also go to Leopoldina, National Academy of Sciences, who together with us organized the opening lecture and provided the framework for the public evening lecture.


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  • 26.02.–01.03.2007 in Innsbruck
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  • 21.03.–24.03.2005 in Dresden
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  • 24.03.–28.03.2003 in Halle/Saale
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  • 26.03.–31.03.2001 in Düsseldorf
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  • 14.03.–19.03.1999 in Basel
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  • 18.03.–22.03.1997 in Bayreuth
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  • 27.03.–01.04.1995 in Göttingen
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  • 23.03.–27.03.1993 in Jena
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  • 02.04.–06.04.1991 in Wien
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  • 30.09.–04.10.1987 in Heidelberg
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  • 12.03.–16.03.1986 in Wuppertal
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  • 27.09.–02.10.1982 in Kiel
    (see "Mitteilungen der DGaaE" volume 4)
  • 16.09.–20.09.1980 in St. Gallen
    (see "Mitteilungen der DGaaE" volume 2 & 3)
  • 07.03.–10.03.1978 in Karlsruhe
    (see "Mitteilungen der DGaaE" volume 1)