Study Group "Cicadas of Central Europe"

The DGaaE working group as well as the non-profit association "Arbeitskreis Zikaden Mitteleuropas e. V." mainly deal with questions of ecology, systematics, taxonomy and zoogeography of the Central European cicadas (Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha and Cicadomorpha) and leaf fleas (Psylloidea). Since 1994 the working group has held annual meetings in different regions of Central Europe, either as a pure excursion meeting in summer or as a conference with lectures and excursions in late summer. The meetings are regularly reported in the DGaaE-News.

In order to publish the latest research results in the field of cicada studies, the Arbeitskreis Zikaden Mitteleuropas e. V. publishes the journal "Cicadina", the only journal worldwide dedicated solely to cicadas.

Participants at the 25th Auchenorrhyncha meeting of the Central European Cicada Working Group near Arnhem (Netherlands), 15.09.2018
Stenocranus major (Large-Spurred Cicada) © Gernot Kunz, Graz


Selected publications of members of the study groups on ecology, biology and identification of cicadas:

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In addition, the study group participated in the preparation of the Red Lists of cicadas of Germany (Nickel et al. 2016) and Austria (Holzinger 2009), as well as numerous country lists.


Dozent Dr habil. Werner Witsack

Stieger Weg 55, 06120 Halle (Saale), Germany