Study Group "Diptera"

A meat fly (Sarcophagidae) during cleaning.

The SG DIPTERA sees itself as an independent community of all persons who have an interest in the study of the dipteran fauna of Germany. Leisure researchers and professional entomologists who deal with dipterans (Diptera) belong to the supra-regional and interdisciplinary forum. The dipterans form an order of insects within the new-winged insects (Neoptera), to which almost 160,000 species from 226 families belong, whereby about 9,200 species can be found in Central Europe.

The working group has no strict organisational structure. The honorary leadership of SG DIPTERA is currently exercised by Dr Christian Kehlmaier (Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden) with Dr Jens-Hermann Stuke, as his deputy.

Forebody of a yellow dung fly (Scathophaga stercoraria).

As a working and discussion platform, SG DIPTERA promotes the exchange of experience among dipterists across borders and initiates its own research projects. Above all, it makes its own contributions to the study of the Diptera fauna of Germany, carries out literature research on the fauna, and collects information on the whereabouts and extent of Diptera collections in the Federal Republic of Germany. Further fields of activity have developed from its growing importance as an information and advice centre. These include, above all, the procurement of cooperation partners and assistance in the search for suitable specialists who can undertake identifications.

The main fields of work of the working group include – with special emphasis on Diptera – faunistics and zoogeography, comparative morphology, phylogenetic systematics, ecology as well as questions from behavioural research and applied dipterology.

The SG DIPTERA meets annually. For this purpose a two-day lecture and excursion conference is organised. The focus will be on 5 to 8 expert lectures, a full-day excursion and the evening exchange of experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. More information can be found on the SG DIPTERA website.


Dr Christian Kehlmaier
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